Yard Fencing

& Patio Fence

There are many reasons why you might need fencing for your Passaic, NJ property, and Artistic fence is here for every single one of them. We are the premier fence installation experts in the area. We have the experience, knowledge, skill and affordable pricing that keeps our clients coming back to us. In addition to fencing installation, we also do repairs. Whether you need yard fencing, a patio fence, or a pool enclosure fence, we would be happy to add you to our list of customers who are thrilled with our service.

You have many options for yard fencing. You should first determine which parts of your yard you would like enclosed. You should also consider where you would like your gates. If you're enclosing the driveway, you'll want a large gate to get into the yard and a smaller one for your walkway. It's also important to decide whether you want something, where you can see out, and others can see in, or do you want to make your yard private? Finally, you'll be ready to choose your materials. No matter which type you choose, we use the finest materials, to provide you with a fence that is sturdy, and good looking.

A patio fence is often a short fence and can be made of wood, vinyl or aluminum. Ornamental aluminum fencing is a popular choice for both patios and pool enclosures. In both instances, homeowners usually want something where they can see through. Most don't want the view of their pool blocked by a fence.

If you're interested in having a new fence installed, contact us. We'll be happy to listen to the vision that you have and give you a price quote. We also do repairs, as well. Remember, our name, we are the fencing experts.

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