Wood Fence Contractor

& Vinyl Fence Contractor

When you need a fencing contractor in Passaic, NY, contact Artistic Fence. We are your local wood fence contractor, your local vinyl fence contractor and the contractor for any other type of fence you might be interested in. We have the experience to expertly design and install the fence that you want. We will meet with you to discuss the vision that you have for your fence and then we will make sure that is exactly what you get. Your satisfaction is always our top priority. We have been doing this job for years, with such staying power, we need to be doing something right. No matter how large or small the job is, we have the team to get it done. All our clients get the same excellent service, whether you need a fence for your home, company, or factory, we have the right materials, equipment and team to get the job done affordably and quickly.

As a wood fence contractor and a vinyl fence contractor, we are often asked which material is best. That is a difficult question to answer, as there are amazing benefits to both materials. There are those who can't imagine anything less than a wooden fence. They love the traditional look and feel that wood provides. Vinyl can provide almost the same look as wood, but without the maintenance. You can get a 6 ft. vinyl fence that affords you the same privacy that a wood fence can. While a wood fence needs painting or staining, you don't have to worry about that with vinyl. Just hose a vinyl fence off to clean it from time to time, if need be.

The truth is, both are wonderful options. One way to decide is to take a walk around your neighborhood and check out the various fences. Chances are good that you'll see both in your neighborhood. See which one appeals to you most. Give us a call when you're ready or if you have any questions.

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