Privacy Fence

& Privacy Fence Installation

Do you wish that your Passaic, NJ property had more privacy? If so, have you thought about having a privacy fence installed? When it comes to privacy fence installation, you're in control. Enclose just the back yard or the back and front. The choice is yours. Contact Artistic Fence for expert privacy fence installation. If you value the time you spend outdoors with friends and family and want to enjoy your outdoor space without prying eyes, a privacy fence makes a lot of sense. If you have pets that get riled up when someone walks by or one of your neighbors is out in their yard, this type of fence might work well to curb the barking behavior. Being behind the fence may calm your dog since he or she won't see everything going on outside.

The appeal of this type of fence is the height. You feel secluded and can relax and kick back with friends and family, without being concerned with cars and people going by. The two types of fence that most consider when they want privacy, is the wooden fence or the vinyl fence. You may also hear people talk about the PVC fence, this is just another name for a vinyl fence.

Both types are great options. The best one for you depends on the look that you like. For some, there is nothing like the traditional wooden fence and the classic look that it provides. For others, an easy-care vinyl fence is a perfect choice. Vinyl is a bit easier to care for since you never have to worry about painting the fence, you can simply hose it down when the need arises.

No matter which kind of fence you want, give us a call. We'd love to discuss your fence and how we can install it for you.

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