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Why Split Rail Fencing Remains a Popular Choice

No other fence type symbolizes the Great American Fence like the split rail fence. Whether it was for decorative purposes or practical ones to protect crops and livestock, split rail fencing has a rich history in the United States and Canada. The fences which are constructed using from cut timber which was abundant in America, and they didn’t require complex work to construct.

The All-American fence

Not only was the split rail fence beneficial for use on farms and cities, but it has a unique place in US history. In the early settler days, colonists didn’t have many resources to construct things, so the ability to take advantage of America’s abundant forests to build structures and fences was an advantage. During the Great Civil War, soldiers on both sides were able to break down split rail fencing and use the timber for fires.

Beyond its historical importance, split rails remain popular for several reasons. First, split rail fencing is attractive and can be used to enhance any type of landscape or structure. Second, split rail is one of the most economical and cost-effective types of fencing, and it is resistant to deterioration which makes it a long-lasting choice, too.

A Split rail is a natural fencing material. All types of wood aren’t created equal and there are specific wood types which are best for the split rail. Yellow Pine and Western Red Cedar are the most desired types of wood used in this fencing.

This fencing works well as a border fence that sections off property from neighboring boundaries. This along with a natural decorative fence or an excellent fence for keeping livestock in place are but a few of the uses for this attractive and sturdy fencing.

Decorating with split rail

Split rail works for different types of home. It’s an attractive and sturdy fence that looks good. It’s also the best type of fence to continue a rustic-themed or Early American property. If it is used for farming, it lends itself well to the addition of wire to increase the security.

The split rail has been around for a long time but it still ranks high in fencing choices for its aesthetics, strength, and low maintenance. People who are into traditional designs appreciate the simple but beautiful natural appearance of this type of fencing. If you are looking to accent your property with natural wood, don’t forget the practical allure of the split rail.

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